I have been a fan of Tangerine Dream since 1985 when I heard the soundtrack to Streethawk.
The First LP I got was Underwater sunlight in 1986, after I heard this album I started to hunt down the old stuff.
I met a man called John Ashcroft who worked in a local Market Selling records, I found out that he collected Tangerine Dream so I started buying Bootlegs and delisted albums of him. After 8 Years I had every LP available, so I started to buy the CD's.
Now thanks to TDI I have every almost official CD available and thanks to my friends I have every available Concert on CD-R.
I also have all of Edgar Froese's solo work and some Christopher Franke Solo Work.
I get the new releases from TDI from Compact Disc Services in Dundee.
I Sold my vinyl a few years ago but thanks to my friends and Ebay I have now replaced all that I sold.
And Thanks to my friends on the Internet ,Heiko Heerssen, Klaus Beschorner, Glyn Morgan, Rainer Rutka, Pepe, Ramon Folch, Heiko Neumann and Steve Jenkins, I have a very large CDR Collection.

If you require any further information then I can be reached via my contacts page.